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Flora is a restaurant very close to the Arlington Capitol Theatre, right on Mass Ave. It's one of my favorite restaurants, at least in part because I can practically always get a table for two there. F. and I went latent last night, and as we were enjoying our meal it occurred to me to worry: if the restaurant always has room, that must mean it's not doing enough business. So I thought I'd tell my friends how great it is.

One of the things I love about Flora is that they treat vegetables with respect. Appropriate, given then name of the place. So often I find that even very good restaurants treat vegetables as an afterthought, basically garnish. At Flora, vegetables are always fresh, beautifully prepared and thoughtfully integrated in the dish. For instance, F.'s trout came with a variety of roasted vegetables: Brussels sprouts, turnips, carrots, onions—which were perfectly prepared, and whose smoky flavor complemented the delicate earthiness of the fish.

One of my favorite innovations at Flora is that they offer three categories on their menu: Appetizers, "Medium Plates" and Entrées. The medium plates are not simply smaller versions of the entrées or larger appetizers, but distinct dishes in their own right. I find that an appetizer and a medium plate leaves me enough room to enjoy dessert, and their desserts are splendid. Last night, I had the glazed pork ribs with sweet potato bread pudding. Three small but meaty ribs in a sweet and sour glaze, a pretty, creamy orange pudding and a scattering of diced, roasted sweet potatoes made for an unctuously satisfying dinner. The medium plates are alittle cheaper than the entrées, too, if you want to dine well on a budget.

A third delightful aspect of Flora is that they offer a variety of mocktails, fun, non-alcoholic drinks. I like the idea of a fun mixed drink, but I find that a cocktail and a glass of wine is too much alcohol for me. So a mocktail is fun and it let's me enjoy a glass of wine, too.

I could go on about the delicious bread they bake in-house, the cozy decor and so forth, but i have a bus to catch. So, I encourage you to go to Flora next time you're looking for a night of fine dining.
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