Jan. 31st, 2012

À Paris!

Jan. 31st, 2012 03:08 pm
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Bonjour! Je suis maintenant à l'aéroport Charles de Gaulle, attendant mon vol à Boston. Mais pourquoi suis-je en France? Et où sont les bagages?
Enough of that. F. and I flew to Paris last Thursday evening, to celebrate his birthday with his brother qui y'habite. Actually, he only has one brother, so I don't need to restrict the class of F.'s brothers to those that live in Paris, but his habitation in Paris is pertinent to our choosing to visit Paris. I had last been here for a conference when I was at MIT, at least 15 years ago; and F., almost as long. I hope to come back after fewer years, and at a warmer time of year.

Même en hiver, Paris est beau, and my French came back quickly even though F. speaks Spanish with his brother. We had a lovely time, and F. had a good visit with his brother. I spent several hours in the Louvre, and we went for a long walk around the Tour Eifel and Trocadero. We spent half a day at Versailles, which was fascinating and weird. So much effort and capital piled up in one place for the use of a handful of aristocrats. No wonder they were all beheaded.

I have eaten croissants every day, more foie gras than can really be considered sensible, and nutella for breakfast. In short, we have had a wonderful time, and tomorrow we diet. We were supposed to be in the air by now, on a direct flight to Boston expected to arrive about 3:30 this afternoon; but we were enjoying ourselves too much to bother with such mundane things as train schedules and we arrived at the airport about 5 minutes too late to check in. There was much comical to-ing and fro-ing as we got lousy advice from various sources (the worst was the self check-in terminals, which took all our information and then placidly informed us that our flight was "temporarily unavailable," suggesting that we might like to consider changing our bookings to various disastrous connecting flights for thousands of Euros. It would have been more helpful if the terminal had simply said, "you're Fucked!" and played a wah-wah sound.) but we eventually got ourselvesd booked on a flight to JFK. Thanks to free Internet access and ITA Software (by Google), I found and booked a flight on JetBlue that will get us into Boston about midnight. All in all, our sloth and incompetence has cost me around €300 (for the re-booking) and $300 (for the JetBlue flight). I am trying to focus on gratitude that this is merely an inconvenience for me, and not a disaster; we'll see how that goes when I get the credit card bill.

Still, Paris! Je reviendra.


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